paper extruder machine

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                                                                                     paper extruder machine


Machine with frequency control is accurate, sensitive, anti-jamming. Coated smooth transmission, reliable electric control. Suitable for producing anti-rusty paper  to pack steels, there are many  large-scale iron and steel enterprises use it get good benefits. The device is divided into two units:

1.Lamination machine for paper,woven fabric,laminated woven cloth lamination with plastic film

2.Coating machine for corrosion inhibitor coating with anti-rusty basic paper

The structure for wide volatile anti-rusty paper extruder machine coating printed machine(paper extruder machine):Printing,extrusion,lamination.Main basic  material,printing,assistant basic material,paper extruder machine...

Extruder: Φ120㎜ high performance extruder

Coater:Dip coating roll extrusion process extrusion coating machine


Mold: High precision mold

Control method:High precision PLC computer control. HMI

Inverter:Vector control inverter

Tension control:Automatic constant tension control for winding,unwinding and each tension point

 Tehnical parameter

Max. Extrusion capacity:300㎏/h,350㎏/h,400㎏/h

Line speed:80-100m/min

Main motor power:75kw,90kw,110kw

Thickness uniformity:≤±5%

Effective width:2800-5000㎜

Suitable basic material:paper(50-400g/㎡),woven fabric,etc

Use resin:LDPE,PP etc coating grade resin

Unwinding diameter:Φ1200㎜

Winding diameter:Φ1200㎜(Centra winding,surface winding )

120#paper extruder machine

130#paper extruder machine

120#paper extruder machine

140#paper extruder machine

150#paper extruder machine

160#paper extruder machine

200#Anti-rusty paper coating lamination machine



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