What types of boards can be extruded from the PP hollow board production line?

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Different models of PP hollow board production lines can extrude different specifications of boards, and during the extrusion process, we can also change the performance of the hollow board through some other operations, so that it can be used in some special fields. So what types of finished boards can be extruded from the PP hollow board production line?
1、 Classification by thickness and weight

At present, the common thickness distribution of hollow boards on the market is mainly 2-7mm. Their weight distribution is between 300-350 grams per square meter for 2mm boards, 450-500 grams per square meter for 3mm boards, 500-700 grams per square meter for 4mm boards, 750-900 grams per square meter for 5mm boards, 900-1050 grams per square meter for 6mm boards, and 1050-1500 grams per square meter for 7mm boards. The specific weight also depends on the formula used by the customer, and we will not explain it too much here.

2、 Sort by color

The raw material used in the PP hollow board production line is PP polypropylene, so the color of the board produced from the new material is white. In addition, according to customer needs, we can produce boards such as beige, blue, green, milky white, porcelain white, black, red, and yellow, as long as everyone provides relevant color cards.

3、 Classification by performance

Hollow boards not only inherit the properties of PP polypropylene, but also add other particles during the extrusion process to enhance the performance of the final board. Currently, common hollow board properties include flame-retardant hollow boards, conductive hollow boards, anti-static hollow boards, and waterproof and moisture-proof hollow boards.

4、 Classification by purpose

Hollow board can be applied to many industry fields, so its end uses are also many. Common ones include hollow board boxes (skeleton boxes, folding boxes, cardboard boxes), hollow board boxes, hollow board knife cards/grids (ordinary knife cards, connected knife cards, film coated knife cards), hollow board partitions/pads (usually with extra hands), hollow board enclosure boxes, and hollow board turnover boxes.

If you are still unsure about the specific plates that can be extruded from the PP hollow board production line and whether these plates are suitable for your industry, you can consult us and we will provide you with effective answers.


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