How to Make Hollow Board Production Lines Produce Sheets that Meet Usage Needs

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There are many specifications of boards that can be produced by the hollow board production line, and the characteristics of each specification vary. There are also certain differences in the industry fields that can be applied. So how can various industries determine which specifications of hollow boards they should produce? Today, the editor will briefly introduce how we should produce hollow boards in the four fields of food, beverage, electronics, and medicine.
Food industry: For example, take the food with obvious seasonal characteristics, such as Zongzi. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the demand for Zongzi is very large. Therefore, the production unit cannot only work overtime before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, so it must produce a batch of Zongzi in advance to cope with the Dragon Boat Festival. Zongzi is hot when it is just processed, stored and cooled before being put into the cold storage for refrigeration, This requires that the hollow board for storing Zongzi has good temperature adaptability and load-bearing capacity. Therefore, when using the hollow board production line, we should pay attention to the proportion of raw materials, increase the content of polypropylene, and make it have good heat resistance and high-strength mechanical properties.

Beverage industry: Beverages belong to fast-moving consumer goods, so their turnover is very frequent. In addition, in many cases, beverages need to be placed outdoors. In order to reduce damage to beverages caused by weather issues such as sun exposure, wind and rain, we need to enhance the heat resistance, compression resistance, and moisture resistance of the hollow board box. This requires adding some special masterbatches to the hollow board production line to enhance the characteristics of the board in this regard.

Electronics industry: The electronics industry has very high environmental requirements, and generally requires anti-static or conductive properties for packaging boxes. Therefore, when using hollow plate production lines, in addition to meeting the requirements for surface resistivity, volume resistivity, voltage half-life time, and uniform distribution of conductive properties, the materials of the product should also be considered to not reduce the impact resistance and service life of the product during turnover.

The pharmaceutical industry: The requirements for the resistance to high and low temperatures, antibacterial properties, and safety of instruments are quite strict, and special materials need to be added to produce hollow plates when working on the hollow plate production line. For example, using TPX (poly4-methylpentene-1) and PC (polycarbonate vinegar) as raw materials, the advantage of this material is that the transmittance does not change with changes in processing conditions or the thickness of the product.
The hollow plate production line is a very flexible equipment. In the production process, we can properly add various other masterbatches to enhance the characteristics of the hollow plate, so that it can meet the requirements of all walks of life. Therefore, we must first find out the use requirements we need in production, and then conduct reproduction according to the requirements.


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