What are the benefits of using high proportion polypropylene in the hollow board production line?

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When working on the hollow board production line, if a higher proportion of polypropylene is used, what advantages will the produced hollow board have? Firstly, polypropylene is a colorless and semi transparent thermoplastic lightweight universal plastic, which has chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties, and good high wear resistance processing performance. Therefore, when the content of polypropylene is high, the board made will also have these advantages, as shown below.
1. Good high wear-resistant processing performance enables it to fold and not occupy space during use, making it convenient for storage, management, and transportation.

2. The high-strength mechanical properties enable it to be reused multiple times, greatly saving usage costs.

3. Due to its hollow design, the hollow board is lightweight, easy to move, and can be safely stacked or folded.

4. The good heat resistance makes the hollow board significantly lower in terms of heat conduction and sound transmission compared to other materials, and it has the function of sound insulation and insulation in practical applications.

5. The electrical insulation and plastic properties allow hollow boards to be used in damp and dry places, providing a wider range of usage environments than traditional cardboard boxes.

At present, the main application products of the hollow board production line include backboards, gaskets, partitions, turnover boxes, knife cards, and other products. The industries involved include automotive parts, industry, agriculture, medicine, cold chain, logistics, advertising, precision electronics, instruments, postal services, photosensitive materials, and so on.


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