Lithium battery diaphragm casting line

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Lithium battery diaphragm casting production line is mainly used in the field of casting film product molding, formulation development of casting molding materials, performance research of casting molding materials, such as conveying materials to the casting mechanism for casting film products, etc.

In the process of use, the speed of the rolling roller and traction roller can be controlled by the servo motor, so that the conveying speed of the material can be adjusted, in order to produce a variety of sheet products to meet the requirements of users.
Casting film has superior heat sealing performance and excellent transparency, is one of the main packaging composite substrate, used in the production of high temperature cooking film, vacuum aluminum plating film, etc., the market is very promising.
In addition, extrusion casting film after subsequent stretching process, can produce unidirectional and bidirectional stretching film, breathable and impervious film, heat shrinkable film, is the fastest developing film forming technology in recent years.

The plastic materials commonly used in the production of film by extruded casting film are LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PP, PET, PA, etc.


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